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by an insurance company eventually translate into increased insurance rates for the public, so everyone winds up paying. The most recent statistics show that private insurance pays for approximately 66 percent of the costs of inpatient care for motorcycle crash victims. Another 22 percent is paid by public funds and 12 percent is categorized as another source (usually self-payment).

An unhelmeted rider is more likely to be an uninsured rider.


insurance cannot help if the rider is not insured. A study of motorcycle crash

victims at one hospital found that 46 percent were uninsured. Taxpayers could

be picking up a large portion of the medical costs for unhelmeted victims.

Insurance companies have the actuarial tables that tell them the high cost of protecting motorcyclists. That’s why the insurance industry has taken a strong position in favor of motorcycle helmet laws. The industry recognizes that helmet laws reduce the most expensive injuries related to motorcycling -- head injuries.

On behalf of the taxpayers I represent, I must ask: Is it worth spending these millions of dollars to pay for the wind in the hair of motorcyclists? My answer is No.

  • Sen. John Cullerton

Illinois State Senate

Life and Economic savings potential.

Injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes

have a huge economic impact. Medical costs, lost productivity, vocational rehabilitation, insurance administration, law enforcement and emergency services, legal services, and workplace distribution (retraining someone to assume duties at work) are among the factors that are impacted by these injuries. Since states with universal helmet laws have obtained nearly 100 percent helmet use rates, a significant increase in helmet use is attainable when these laws are passed. If the states below were to enact helmet laws covering all riders, these laws could prevent hundreds of injuries and deaths and could

achieve a significant savings in economic costs.

Potential Savings With 100 Percent Helmet Use For States

Without Motorcycle Helmet Laws:

A 13 Year Total (1984-1996)

Source: UCLA School of Public Health, Center for Injury Prevention


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