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Q: What is the maximum number of playlist links supported? A: The file system supports up to 65535 links inside a playlist.

Q: What are the supported text formats?

A: The file system supports the ASCII, UTF8 and UNICODE (UTF16LE & UTF16BE) text formats.

Q: How are the directories and files sorted inside the disk?

A: The logical structure is the same as an explorer view. Directory and files are sorted using their creation order.

Q: Which file systems are supported? A: FAT 12/16/32.

Q: What is the maximum of files supported in a directory?

A: There is no limitation in the firmware for the supported number of files and directories. The only limitation is due to the FAT file system:

  • for FAT12/16 root directory only: up to 256 files (short names),

  • for FAT12/16/32 up to 65535 files (short names) per directory.

Q: What is the minimum RAM requirement to run this application?

A: The default application is using external SDRAM to support all features. This application can run with 64K of RAM (internal size on AT32UC3A0512) by disabling the audio bufferization and the cover art support. Audio blips will be present if the user try to navigate in the disk while a track is played. The SDRAM loader also uses external SDRAM memory for graphical data.

Q: What kind of license apply to the software?

A: Atmel provides the audio decoder software library free of charge. But some digital audio for- mats, including MP3 and WMA, contains technology that is patented, and a license for these patents must be obtained before the library can be used.

Atmel provides application note ”AVR32722 How to license audio and video codecs” on the www.atmel.com website. This serves as a guide to give Atmel® customers information about, as well as an overview over, the licensing of patents that cover technologies such as MP3 and WMA.



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