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Close your eyes and imagine being able to automate your marketing. Picture yourself sitting back and listening to your phone ringing with motivated sellers and buyers calling you! Open your eyes. This is no dream. When you outsource your marketing to SalesTeamLive, this is your daily reality! Our Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns harness the power of SalesTeamLive’s Virtual Marketing Team. We handle all the work required to drive a continuous stream of motivated sellers and buyers directly to you. This is no simple task. If you’ve tried marketing on your own, you probably

know this all too well. SalesTeamLive is your personal, Virtual Marketing Team on steroids, and is available to you at a fraction of the cost of doing it on your own. There is no company anywhere in the United States that is better equipped to help you achieve your dreams. Even if you could do this on your own, you couldn’t do it for less!

Q1: Q2:

I’m still confused. What is a campaign? This is too good to be true. So what is the cost?

Q3: Q4: Q5:

What’s included in the setup fee? What’s included in the monthly fee? Do you include any free mailings in the monthly fee?

Q6: Q7: Q8:

What is the cost of the mail? How much should I realistically budget per profitable deal? Are there any other hidden costs?

Q9: Q10: Q11: Q12:

Is it really true that SalesTeamLive is less expensive than doing it on my own? What campaigns should I use in my area? Where do I get the lists for these campaigns? What if I have my own list of names and addresses?

Q13: Q14: Q15:

How long does a campaign last? Can I add more campaigns? Can I switch campaigns from one to another?

Q16: Q17: Q18:

What if other people are in my area? Do I get exclusivity? Is this right for me? What if this doesn’t work for me? Do you offer a guarantee?

Q19: Q20: Q21: Q22:

How long will it take to get me up and running? How do I work these different types of deals? How do I prescreen my leads? Can you do that for me? Do you provide websites that I can drive sellers, buyers and private money lenders to?


What if I’m brand new and not ready to start making money? Can you direct me to the best training and coaching programs?

Call: 1-877-GET-STL1 Your Virtual Marketing Team!

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