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Q2: This is too good to be true. So what is the cost?

SalesTeamLive does all the work and a ton more that is impossible to do on your own, especially at such a low cost. It would typically take a real estate entrepreneur hundreds of hours to do what it can be done in less than an hour one time.

Our packages include our Post Cards and Letters lowest price mail cost guarantee. If you can do everything we can, including the list of names and addresses, then we’ll beat the price. Our mail costs vary depending on the SalesTeamLive Done-For-You Marketing campaign you’ve chosen.

Packages can be purchased for as low as $997. For more information on our specials please contact 877-GET STL 1.

Magic Words that attract Motivated Sellers and Buyers to YOU,


1st Class Postage on all mail, with a Live Stamp on all Letters Property Address checked across four databases for accuracy PRIOR to mailing INSTANT email notification of all recorded Vacant Properties Personalization with Prospects Name and Address and Investors information Handwritten font used on the Yellow Letter and Envelope in blue ink EXCLUSIVE! Local cancellation mark on Letters (enhances opening rate of letter)

PLUS – We supply most lists, included in the price, or we’ll upload your list for Free! PLUS – We use a Free 800 number for each Campaign to Track your Response Rate! PLUS – SalesTeamLive Great Member Support

Q3: What’s included in the setup fee?

The set-up fee includes everything you need to get your marketing jump-started and Done-For-You. First, we provide you with a license to use Richard Roop and Dan Doran’s marketing copy, a critical element to generating the best postcards, handwritten letters and other media messages – all of which already have been proven effective. You can choose from any combination of available campaigns, and always can add more when you’re ready.

You also get access to our powerful Marketing and Prospecting Software Tools that we spent millions of dollars to build and perfect. Our Support Team will help launch and manage all of your marketing campaigns. Net-net: For a small setup fee, you’ll be ready to launch your marketing and never again lift a finger to get sellers or buyers to call you.

Call: 1-877-GET-STL1 Your Virtual Marketing Team!

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