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Q9: Is it really true that SalesTeamLive is less expensive than doing it on my own?

Absolutely. Better yet, we guarantee it! If you can do everything we can, including the list of names and address records, then we’ll beat the price.

There are many hidden costs that most people forget to budget, such as list quality, checking deliverability and address changes against four U.S.P.S. databases; the paper, printing, phone numbers and minutes for tracking response rates.

With SalesTeamLive, you’ll have it all Done-For-You at a lower cost. The savings alone will more than pay for the costs of the set-up and monthly fees over and over again

Q10: What campaigns should I use in my area?

During the startup process with SalesTeamLive, you’ll receive training and a special worksheet that will help you determine what campaigns work best in your area, and for your specific business. What would take you months to figure out on your own will be Done-For-You in a few brief moments, including an estimated budget to help you measure your effectiveness and return on investment (ROI).

Q11: Where do I get the lists for these campaigns?

Whenever possible, SalesTeamLive will provide the lists for you, included in the super-low mailing cost. Imagine the work you would have to do to obtain your own list -- where to get it and how to negotiate the best price. The list alone typically costs from $.15 to $.25 for each name and address, plus a minimum-quantity order and a hefty annual monetary commitment.

There are some “specialty lists” that you may need to get on your own, such as Probate, Divorce and Pre-Foreclosure (available in some areas). National providers for these lists simply do not exist, which makes these markets highly attractive to savvy real estate entrepreneurs. In this case, as always SalesTeamLive offers you a $.05 per-record mail credit. Should you decide to take us up on this offer, please be sure to notify SalesTeamLive via email to Support@SalesTeamLive.com prior to submitting your own list to ensure we cannot provide the list for you.

SalesTeamLive also allows you to simply import your list on your own with the powerful Prospecting and Marketing Tools provided to you FREE as part of our service. You will not find a more powerful complete solution anywhere in the United States.

Call: 1-877-GET-STL1 Your Virtual Marketing Team!

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