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Q12: What if I have my own list of names and addresses?

SalesTeamLive offers you a $.05 per-record mail credit if you have your own list of names and addresses and we cannot provide the list for you. Should you decide to take us up on this offer, please be sure to notify SalesTeamLive via email to Support@SalesTeamLive.com prior to submitting your own list.

SalesTeamLive also allows you to simply import your list on your own with the powerful Prospecting and Marketing Tools provided to you FREE as part of our service. You will not find a more powerful complete solution anywhere in the United States.

In addition, SalesTeamLive offers Customizable Campaigns that allow you the flexibility of customizing every part of a campaign: market (list), message, media, multiple (number of pieces in the series), month (frequency between the pieces), and the money (having SalesTeamLive track the response rates for you).

You will not find a more powerful complete solution anywhere in the United States. Additional fees may apply for customizable campaigns.

Q13: How long does a campaign last?

Simply put: Our Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns last forever. Each campaign has a specific set of pieces that go out over a set period of time. However, SalesTeamLive is constantly updating and adding new records to the list to keep your phone ringing under any market conditions. Better yet, you can switch to other campaigns as needed.

We are experts at getting your phone to ring with quality leads, and we keep your marketing running day after day, month after month, year after year.

Q14: Can I add more campaigns?

You can add more campaigns whenever you like. You’ll pay a setup fee and a monthly fee for each additional campaign and we offer discounted campaign bundle all the time. It’s common for our top customers to simultaneously operate from six campaigns (for newer entrepreneurs), to more than 12 campaigns (for real estate professionals who typically exceed 10 deals each month). SalesTeamLive is the totally scalable Done-For-You Marketing option for real estate entrepreneurs of every stripe!

Call: 1-877-GET-STL1 Your Virtual Marketing Team!

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