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Q19: How long will it take to get me up and running?

SalesTeamLive has made it quick and easy to get up and running on our Done-For-You Marketing system. Setup typically requires a one-time commitment of less than one hour. What once took six months of coaching and an hour-a-day commitment from investors can now be done in less than one hour, and a few days of processing for your SalesTeamLive Virtual Marketing Team to implement. It’s really that simple. We do all the work.

Q20: How do I work these different types of deals?

All of our SalesTeamLive Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns have training available to help make you successful. SalesTeamLive works with some of the best real estate gurus and coaches that can assist you to grow and expand your business over time.

Q21: How do I prescreen my leads? Can you do that for me?

For a small fee, SalesTeamLive can set up a pre-recorded message line (including our proven audio message), and a live operator line (including specially-designed optional pre-screening questions).

It’s really all up to you. We suggest that you have a professional message center (whether we set it up for you, or you set it up on your own), because of the high volume of seller and buyer calls you’ll receive.

In addition, we have partnered with some of the best services in the business and, due to our economies of scale, we can pass the best possible pricing discounts on to you, the real estate entrepreneur. During the set-up process, we’ll ask a few questions to determine what works best for you and your business.

Q22: Do you provide websites that I can drive sellers, buyers and private money lenders to?

Yes. For an additional fee, you can receive some of the best Web sites in the business. During the set-up process, we’ll ask a few questions to determine what works best for you and your business. If you have your own Web site, great. We will incorporate your Web address into your mailings.

Call: 1-877-GET-STL1 Your Virtual Marketing Team!

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