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Manually Checking the Battery Charge Level

To manually monitor the battery power:

  • 1.

    Tap Start > Settings > System tab.

  • 2.

    Tap Power.

If the battery charge level is low, connect to AC power. For information on purchasing an optional standard or extended battery, visit: www.hp.com/accessories/ipaq.

To use a shortcut to view your battery charge level, tap the Battery icon located in TodayPanel Lite. For more details, refer to Additional Product Information located on the Getting Started CD.

Battery Saving Tips

The, HP iPAQ is as individual as you are. You can adjust the settings on your HP iPAQ to fit your individual needs and to help your battery last as long as possible between charges. Here are some recommendations for how to conserve battery life.

Sounds & Notifications - Every time you are notified of an event, battery power is consumed. Go to Start > Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Notifications tab and turn off any notification types that are unnecessary. Dim the Backlight - Keep the display only as bright as required to view the screen easily. On the Today screen, use your stylus to adjust the Backlight Brightness Level slider, under the Light bulb icon. Auto Turn Off the Backlight - On the Today screen, tap the Light bulb icon and make sure the first box is checked. Specify a short amount of time to wait before turning off the backlight. Auto Turn Off Device - On the Today screen, tap the Battery icon > Advanced tab. Make sure the first box is checked, so the device automatically powers off when not in use. Specify a short amount of time to wait before automatically powering off your HP iPAQ. Keep Bluetooth Off - Always turn off the Bluetooth power when you are not using it. On the Today screen, tap the Bluetooth button to turn Bluetooth ON and OFF. Turn Off IR – Set the device to receive incoming infrared beams manually. On the Today screen, tap the Start > Settings > Connections tab > Beam, then uncheck the Receive all incoming beams box.


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