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GoodLink e-mail – If you are using GoodLink e-mail, reduce your notifications to only the types of e-mail items and reminders that are most important to you. Tap the red Good icon on the Today screen or tap Options > GoodLink Preferences > Notifications. Use the pull- down menu directly below Choose notification to modify to view and modify the notification settings.

HP also offers a variety of accessories to keep your HP iPAQ charged when you are out of the office for extended time periods. These include a vehicle adapter, an extended-life battery, and a battery charger.

For more details about conserving battery life, refer to Additional Product Information located on the Getting Started CD.


Microsoft ActiveSync software, located on the Getting Started CD, allows your HP iPAQ and your personal computer to communicate with each other.

For synchronization to work properly, install Microsoft ActiveSync on your personal computer before you connect your HP iPAQ to your computer.

Use Microsoft ActiveSync to:

Synchronize information between your HP iPAQ and up to two computers and one server so that you have the latest information in all locations. Change synchronization settings and the synchronization schedule. Copy files between your device and computer. Install applications on your HP iPAQ. Synchronize links. Send and receive e-mail.

Synchronizing your HP iPAQ with your computer allows you to keep the same information (such as calendar, contacts, and e-mails) on both units, making it available when you work on your computer or when you take your HP iPAQ on the go. There are several ways to synchronize your HP iPAQ with your computer:

  • HP Desktop Cradle (not included with all models)

  • Autosync cable (not included with all models)

  • Bluetooth (not included with all models)

  • Infrared


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