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NOTE If you must log onto a server, such as your company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN), you may receive a message from ActiveSync telling you it is unable to synchronize. You must first log onto the server for ActiveSync to synchronize.

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    When the Synchronization Options screen displays, place a checkmark in the box next to the items you want to synchronize between your HP iPAQ and your computer, and then click Next.

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    Click Finish.

The Synchronization Setup Wizard starts synchronizing the items you checked.

NOTE: If ActiveSync does not begin synchronizing, start it manually: On your personal computer, open ActiveSync by selecting the Start menu > Programs > Microsoft ActiveSync > Sync.

Troubleshooting Help for Synchronization Issues

Following is a list of symptoms that may indicate synchronization issues are occurring:

No ActiveSync chimes sound (or a gray icon displays), and there is no activity in the ActiveSync window on your personal computer. ActiveSync chimes sound, and the ActiveSync icon on your personal computer changes to a swirling green icon. The “retrieving settings” message appears on your personal computer, but the ActiveSync connection drops prior to establishing the partnership. ActiveSync is searching for a connection but none occurs. (The green icon on your personal computer continues to spin.) Synchronization has been established between your HP iPAQ and personal computer but connection is dropped. (The green icon on your personal computer stops spinning and grays out.) Firewall or other network protection software message box is displayed for ActiveSync to access the network or Internet.

Following is a list of troubleshooting tips if you experience difficulty while synchronizing your HP iPAQ and personal computer.


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