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Try the following solutions to troubleshoot any synchronization issues:

Confirm that you are running ActiveSync on your personal computer with a supported operating system (OS).

To get more information about the supported OS versions, visit: http:// www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/downloads/as-sysreq41.mspx

The latest version of ActiveSync at: http://www.microsoft.com/ windowsmobile/downloads/pocketpc.mspx.

If you are using Windows Mobile 2003 or 2002-based devices, continue using Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8.

If you are running ActiveSync 4.1 or later and personal firewall software on your personal computer, please add ActiveSync to the firewall program’s exception list.

(Firewall software, such as Sygate Personal Firewall, TrendMicro PC-cillin Internet Security 2005, Norton Personal Firewall, McAfee Personal Firewall, or Zone Alarm Security Suite may block synchronization.) Refer to the documentation that came with your firewall program to determine how to add ActiveSync 4.1 or later to the program’s exception list. To further troubleshoot a firewall application and enable ActiveSync 4.1 or later, visit: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/help/activesync/default.mspx

During the ActiveSync installation, if you inadvertently left the Microsoft E x c h a n g e S e r v e r o p t i o n b o x c h e c k e d a n d a r e n o t p l a n n i n g t o c o n n e c t t o a n E x c h a n g e s e r v e r , f o l l o w t h e s e s t e p s :

  • Connect your HP iPAQ to your personal computer. Be sure an

ActiveSync connection is established.

On your personal computer, click Start > All Programs > Microsoft ActiveSync.

Click Tools > Options > Sync Options tab. Uncheck the boxes for the sync items listed under the Server group.

Place a checkmark in the boxes under the Desktop group for those items you want to synchronize.

Disconnect your HP iPAQ from your personal computer and wait for the ActiveSync message confirming that your device is no longer connected. Reconnect your HP iPAQ to your personal computer. Wait for about two minutes to see if your HP iPAQ connects to your personal computer. On your personal computer, in ActiveSync, select File > Connection Settings. Confirm that USB is selected as a potential connection method. Connect your HP iPAQ to a different USB port on your personal computer.


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