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NOTE If a screen displays several messages, click on the link that reads If your company supports synchronizing directly with its Exchange Server you can set up your device to synchronize with it, you’ll be led through a series of steps to synchronize your e-mail account with the Exchange Server. Otherwise, continue with the steps below.

2. Tap Menu > Configure Server. If you have not set up a synchronization server link, the following message is displayed: Add Server Source.

3. In the Server address box, enter the name of the server running Exchange 2003.

4. Select the This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection check box if required by your IT department. Most companies require this option, and if you do not check this box, you will be unable to sync with your company Exchange Server.

  • 5.

    Tap Next.

  • 6.

    Enter your name, password, and domain, and then tap Next.

  • 7.

    Select the Save password text box if you want to enable automatic sync.

  • 8.

    To change the rules for resolving synchronization conflicts, tap Advanced.

  • 9.

    Select the check boxes for the types of information items that you want to synchronize with Exchange Server.

  • 10.

    To change available synchronization settings, select the type of information and tap Settings.

  • 11.

    Tap Finish.

You can set up your HP iPAQ to synchronize with Exchange Server over a wireless network or through a cable, cradle, infrared, or Bluetooth connection to a personal computer. You must have the following information to sync wirelessly: server name, user name, password, and domain name.

NOTE Synchronizing directly with Exchange Server is supported only on Windows Mobile-powered Pocket PC 2002 or later. By clicking Tools > Options, you can determine whether an information type is synchronized with a personal computer or with Exchange Server.


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