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Changing E-mail Download Options

Customize the following download options for each POP3, HTTP, or IMAP4 e-mail account that you have with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or that you access using a VPN server connection (typically a work account).

You can choose:

  • To download messages automatically.

  • How much e-mail is downloaded.

  • If and how attachments are downloaded (IMAP4 only).


. In the message list, tap Menu > Tools > Options.

  • 2.

    Select the e-mail account.

  • 3.

    Tap Next until you reach Server information.

  • 4.

    Tap Options.

  • 5.

    Enter your changes on the next three screens, and tap Finish.

NOTE To send and receive messages automatically, tap Connect and check for messages and enter a time interval. Connecting automatically may result in higher connection charges.

To save memory, limit the number of e-mails that are downloaded to your device by lowering the number of days to display them.

Exchange Server

To change options for an Outlook E-mail account:

  • 1.

    Tap Start > ActiveSync.

  • 2.

    In ActiveSync on your HP iPAQ, tap Menu > Options.

  • 3.

    Do one or both of the following:

Select the check box for any items you want to synchronize. If you cannot select a check box, you may have to clear the check box for the same information type elsewhere in the list.

    • Clear the check box for any items you want to stop synchronizing.

  • 4.

    In the Options box, to stop synchronization with one computer completely, tap the computer name and tap Delete.

  • 5.

    To change available synchronization settings, select the type of information and tap Settings.


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