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3. Connect your HP iPAQ to the cradle, and then to your personal computer.

Deactivate Modem Link on your HP iPAQ. Select Deactivate on the display screen, and then remove the device from its cradle. Then reconnect it to the cradle.

NOTE When you are not using Modem Link, be sure to deactivate it. If not, you will have problems using ActiveSync in the same session.

Digital Imaging Features

The built-in HP Photosmart Camera allows you to turn your HP iPAQ into a mobile digital-imaging center. You can share images through e-mail or the Internet, print from your HP iPAQ using Bluetooth, or transfer files to your HP iPAQ for storage.

To take advantage of all built-in camera features, you must ensure that appropriate software is loaded on your desktop computer. The software programs described below are included on your HP iPAQ or the Getting Started CD.

NOTE The built-in HP Photosmart Camera is available only in select HP iPAQ models.

HP Photosmart Camera Software


HP Photosmart Camera HP Photosmart Mobile

Take digital photos and video with your HP iPAQ’s Camera.

Display individual photos and run slideshows on your HP iPAQ. Also print, send, record sounds, and e-mail photos directly from your HP iPAQ to share with friends and family.

HP Image Transfer

Transfer photos from the HP iPAQ to your personal computer. You must install this software on your personal computer before you can use it. This software is included on the Getting Started CD.

HP Photosmart Premier

View, organize, share, and print photos on your personal computer. For more information about HP Photosmart Premier, refer to the Getting Started CD.

With your built-in HP Photosmart Camera, you can configure image quality, video, self-timer, file store, AE metering, and camera sound settings. From the Start

menu, tap Programs > Photosmart Camera. Then tap the these settings.

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