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Taking a Photo

To take a photo: 1. From the Start menu, tap Programs > Photosmart Camera.

2. Locate the camera lens on the back of the HP iPAQ and frame the subject in the digital viewfinder located on the HP iPAQ screen.

3. Tap the

icon on the screen to zoom in on the subject, or tap the

icon to zoom out.

4. Make sure that both you and your subject do not move to ensure a clear photo.

5. Do one of the following:

Press the Shutter button on the left side of the HP iPAQ.

Tap the Shutter button

on the screen to take a photo.

Press down on the middle of the 5-Way Navigation button.

Immediately after capturing an image, a preview of the photo appears so you can decide to either discard, send, or save the image.

To discard the photo, tap the Trash button on the screen while the preview image displays.

To send the photo via Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), E-mail attachment, Bluetooth, or Infrared:

  • a.

    Tap the Send button on the screen.

  • b.

    Select the Reduce sent photo size to check box.

  • c.

    Follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE Before sending photos, reduce the size for an easier file transfer. If you choose to e-mail the photo, the attached image appears at the bottom of the e-mail message.

IMPORTANT If you cannot view or hear the media file to be e-mailed, the file may be protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM is software that enables secure distribution and prevents illegal distribution of photos, videos, music, movies, and ring tones over the Internet. For more information on DRM, refer to the on-screen Help by tapping Start > Help and search on DRM


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