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Never use any device other than the stylus that comes with the HP iPAQ or an approved replacement to tap or write on the screen. If you lose or break your stylus, you can order extras at www.hp.com/accessories/ipaq. Clean your HP iPAQ by wiping the screen and the exterior with a soft, damp cloth lightly moistened only with water.

Obtaining Services for a Cracked or Damaged Screen

IMPORTANT HP is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow the instructions that came with the HP branded product. Refer to the warranty document included with your HP iPAQ for more information.

If you have a nonwarranty event occur such as a damaged or cracked screen and want your device repaired, contact HP Customer Support at www.hp.com for service. However, contacting HP customer service on a nonwarranty event will result in a charge for the repair.

Additional Guidelines for Using Your HP iPAQ

Back up your information. Take a copy of your backup with you on a memory card. Disconnect all external devices. Take the AC Adapter and Charger Adapter with you. Keep your device in a protective case and keep it in your carry-on luggage. For air travel, be sure to turn off the Phone, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. To turn off all wireless features, from the Today screen, tap the iPAQ Wireless icon. If you are traveling internationally, be sure you have the plug adapter appropriate for the country you are visiting.



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