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Rental Expense (for every 8 hours of labor time) Maximum reimbursement

$50 $350

$75 $500

$75 $500

Standard Towing and Road Service $300 Towing Option $500 Towing Option

$150 Optional Optional

$300 Included Optional

$500 Included Included

Travel Expenses Service Calls Food Spoilage

$125 $100 $50

$150 $150 $100

$200 $200 $150

What to do in the Event of a Failure

  • 1.

    Prevent Further Damage - You should use all reasonable means and precautions to protect Your Unit from further damage. This Contract will not cover damage caused by not securing a timely repair of the failed component.

  • 2.

    If Your Unit breaks down, return to the Issuing Dealer during normal service department hours. If this is not possible, take Your Unit to the licensed repair facility of Your choice (You may contact Administrator for assistance in locating a repair facility).

  • 3.

    Instruct the repair facility that they must obtain an authorization number from Administrator prior to proceeding with repairs. The amount authorized is the maximum that will be paid. Any additional amounts need prior approval.

  • 4.

    In some cases, You may be required to authorize the repair facility to inspect or tear down Your Unit to determine the cause and cost of the repair. You will be responsible for these charges if the Failure is not covered by this Contract. Administrator reserves the right to require an inspection of Your Unit prior to any repair being performed. We reserve the right to move Your covered Unit to another repair facility.

  • 5.

    After Administrator has been contacted, review with the repair facility components that will be covered by this Contract.

  • 6.

    We will reimburse the repair facility or You for the cost of authorized repairs performed on Your Unit, less any applicable Deductible. All repair orders and necessary documentation must be submitted to Us within thirty (30) days by You or repair facility to qualify for payment.

NOTE: If a breakdown occurs when Administrator's office is closed, emergency repairs can be performed. Contract Holder may proceed, without prior authorization, and reimbursement, up to $250, will be made to Contract Holder in accordance with Contract provisions, providing Administrator is contacted within five (5) business days from date of repair.


Repair Facility Guidelines for Claims Handling

3. 4.


Follow these steps when handling a claim: Advise Contract holder that evaluation of a Failure does not mean that the repair is covered under this Contract. All covered

components, including fluids and filters, should Administrator require outside inspection. Notify Contract holder that cost of tear down will not be paid if it is determined that the Failure is not covered under this Contract. Determine the cause of Failure, correction required and cost of the repair(s). Contact Administrator’s Claims Department at 800-526-0929 to get authorization to proceed with the claim. Be prepared with the following information when placing the call:

  • a.

    Customer’s Name and Contract Number.

  • b.

    Cause of Failure and recommended correction.

  • c.

    Cost of repair(s).

A Claims Advisor will verify Coverage and do one of the following:

  • a.

    Approve Claim - If approved, the authorization number must be recorded on the repair order. The authorized amount is the maximum that will be paid. Additional amounts must receive prior approval.

  • b.

    Require Additional Evaluation, Inspection or Tear Down - Administrator may require an inspection prior to repair being completed. If a tear down is required to determine cause of Failure, Contract holder must authorize same. Notify Contract holder that if the repair is not covered, then Contract holder will be responsible for cost of the tear down. Repair facility should save all components requiring inspection, including fluids and filters. The Claims Advisor will arrange for the inspection. If inspection is not made within forty eight (48) hours, contact the Claims Advisor.

  • c.

    Deny the claim and provide the reason for the denial.

Review Administrator’s findings with Contract holder as well as what will be covered by Contract and what portion of the repairs, if any, will not be covered. Obtain Contract holder’s authorization to complete repairs. All repair orders must have customer’s signature to qualify for payment. Submit the repair order(s) that must include the Contract number, authorization number and authorized amount to Administrator within thirty (30) days to the following address:

Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc. 6120 Powers Ferry Rd. NW, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30339 800-526-0929, Claims Fax: 770-952-9245




repairs must receive prior authorization from Administrator. Have Contract holder authorize inspection/tear down of the Unit to determine Failure’s cause and cost to repair.

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Cancellation of Service Contract


You may cancel this Contract by notifying Administrator. odometer reading at the date of request will be required.

A cancellation form indicating the date of cancellation and the




We may cancel this Contract for nonpayment of the Contract charge, or for intentional misrepresentation in obtaining this Contract or in submitting a claim. If Your Unit and this Contract have been financed, the lienholder may cancel this Contract for nonpayment, or if Your Unit has been declared a total loss or has been repossessed. A. New and Extended Eligibility Contract type: If this Contract is canceled within the first sixty (60) days and no claim has been filed, the entire Contract charge paid will be refunded. After sixty (60) days or if a claim has been filed, an amount of the unearned Contract charge will be refunded according to the pro-rata method reflecting the greater of the days in force or the mileage elapsed based on the term of the Contract. Elapsed time and mileage shall be measured from the Manufacturer Warranty In-Service date and zero (0) miles. B. Used Contract type: If this Contract is canceled within the first thirty (30) days and no claim has been filed, the entire Contract charge paid will be

refunded. After thirty (30) days or if a claim has been filed, an amount of the unearned Contract charge will be refunded 5

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