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Nail Gun Inspection

Items to inspect: (= okay    x = correction needed)

(  ) Muzzle safety device operational(  ) Safety clips used

(  ) Hose disconnected when not in use(  ) Safety glasses clean and in good condition

(  ) Operators properly trained to use tool(  ) Formal training documented

(  ) Tool cleaned and inspected daily(  ) Air hoses in good condition

(  ) Hose connectors in good condition(  ) Fall protection (4:12 or greater roof pitch)

(  ) Air compressor wheels locked or blocked(  ) DOSH permit for air tanks *

(  ) Air tank drained daily(  ) Pop air tank safety valves at least weekly

(  ) Warning signs on auto start compressors(  ) Air hose secured at roof level **

*    No permit required for air tanks with diameter less than 6” and equipped with a safety valve set to open at 15 psi or tanks having 1.5 cf or less with a safety valve set at 150 psi.

** Provide ample but not excessive amounts of hose.  Applicable when roof pitch is 3:12 or greater.

Unsafe activity to watch for:

(  )  Not using safety glasses

(  ) Not wearing proper work clothing and shoes

(  ) Disengaging safety devices

(  ) Repairing/clearing gun while connected to air

(  ) Working on unstable platform

(  ) Carelessly pointing gun

(  ) Working while mentally or physically fatigued

(  ) Using unsafe short cuts

Other safety issues noted:

Corrective Actions Taken:

Inspector: ___________________________________________ Date: _____________

This fact sheet was created by the Golden State Builders Exchange (GSBE) Safety Committee for distribution to GSBE members and members of Builders Exchanges.  GSBE membership represents over 17,000 contractors. Your Builders Exchange name is a proud member of GSBE.  

The information contained herein is not intended to supercede any information provided by your insurance carrier nor is it intended to be legal advice.

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