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Nail Gun Safety Training

Use approved safety glasses

Wear proper work boots/shoes and clothing

Respect a nail gun as though it were a fire arm

Inspect equipment for possible damage or failure daily (nail gun, compressor, hoses)

Lock or block wheels of air compressor when in use

Disconnect gun from air supply when not in use

Only trained employees allowed to operate nail gun

If equipment damaged, red tag and report to supervisor

Do not operate a nail gun if fatigued or under the influence or drugs or alcohol

Check safety devices on nail gun and compressor regularly

Use fall protection when working on roof with pitch of 4:12 or greater

When working on a roof, secure hose at roof line when pitch is 3:12 or greater

Trip hazards are a leading cause of job site injuries, be careful when using a nail gun

Follow Code of Safe Practices established by the company

Post Training Questions:

What protective equipment is required when operating a nail gun?

Who is authorized to use a nail gun

If you find a loose connector on an air hose, what do you do?

At what roof pitch is fall protection required?

What is a leading cause of on the job injuries?

Safety Recommendations by Employees:

Employees in Attendance:






Instructor name: ___________________________________ Date: _______________

Note:  This material represents additional resource information for periodic site inspections and employee safety training.  It is not intended to meet all mandated compliance issues.

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This fact sheet was created by the Golden State Builders Exchange (GSBE) Safety Committee for distribution to GSBE members and members of Builders Exchanges.  GSBE membership represents over 17,000 contractors. Your Builders Exchange name is a proud member of GSBE.  

The information contained herein is not intended to supercede any information provided by your insurance carrier nor is it intended to be legal advice.

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