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arms out. Your opponent will think that they have time to counter with their back leg roundhouse kick. But, at the last moment you bring your arms and legs close to your center and with the extra spinning velocity launch a back kick right into the unsuspecting player’s stomach.

This concept is critical for doing advanced demo kicks like 540s and 720s. If you start the kick with your arms wide or legs spread, you can ‘store up’ extra spinning power that you will be able to call upon at the apex of your jump.

These concepts might seem difficult, but if you take the time to study them you will see that it is merely a more thorough way of describing things that you already know. As you go through high school and college, you will encounter these concepts again and by studying them now, you will have an advantage when you have to learn them later.

We have merely scratched the surface in terms of the technical analysis. There is much more to learn and discover. Fortunately, the KAT is at the forefront of the blending of science with martial arts. You will have a chance to help discover the physical principles behind martial arts techniques and help apply them to growing ourselves and our art.

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