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Regardless of your reason for your absence, it is still an absence, so please do not contact me to let me know why you won’t be coming in. Likewise, a doctor’s note or the like does not excuse your absence. Get contact information from a few classmates in case you should unexpectedly miss a class. If circumstances beyond your control occur during this semester, talk to me! However, it is in your best interest to take this course when you can devote your full attention to the class.


The “Class Assignments” list provides due dates of readings and/or homework. Essay assignments are also posted on Turnitin.com. Always be prepared and expect a quiz on the material. Please don’t assume that there will be no quiz on a day of a test or a day when an essay is due.

All essays are to be no less than 3 to 4 pages in length, typed double-spaced, using no larger than a 12-point font. Give all of your essays a title. Upon completion of your assigned essay, please go to www.turnitin.com. Sign up for this website using the following: Class ID: 3284590  and password: Summer10. Submit your essay before the due date. TURNITIN.COM IS A MANDATORY STEP FOR EACH ESSAY; ESSAYS THAT ARE NOT SUBMITTED WILL NOT BE GRADED.  If you choose not to submit essays to turnitin.com for any reason, you should withdraw from this course: remaining in the course implies acceptance to my policy.

Please consult the “Essay Scoring Rubric” posted on my web page for a detailed explanation of my grading system for formal papers.

All work is to be submitted in class on the due dates; absence from class does not change the due date. Late papers will not be accepted and missing papers will be averaged in as zeros. If you know you will be absent the day an assignment is due, hand it in early. I must receive the hard copy of the essay by the time the class meets or it is late. If you drop it off in my mailbox, please have the secretary record the date and time on your essay. I won’t print your essay for you—there are printers available on campus should a problem occur with yours. Your essay will be graded when I have a hard copy in my hands.

Please note that neglecting to hand in just one major essay guarantees that you cannot earn an A in this course.


There are no extra credit opportunities available in this class, but help is available…just contact me if you have questions about the material or an assignment. I will drop the lowest quiz grade, but I will not otherwise curve your grade.

No cell phones, ipods, laptops, or other electronic devices will be permitted in my class.

If you are sleeping or text messaging during my class, I will mark you absent for the entire class. Texting during a quiz, essay, or test results in an automatic zero, with no questions asked.

Class Assignments (This list is subject to change)

This schedule lists what is DUE for each class unless the item is preceded by “in class” Therefore, you are expected to carefully read and do the work that is assigned for that date. For example, on 5/25, complete numbers 1,2, and 3. Expect a quiz at any time.

Week 1

Mon  5/24: Course overview, review syllabus, grammar review, notes. In-class writing sample.

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