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Wed   6/9:Read Longman:

Ch. 4 (on Narration) p. 127-141 and

Read essay by Hughes (p. 160)

In class: Notes for Grammar Test 3

Thurs 6/10:Process Analysis Essay Due

AND Review the following:

Mixed Constructions

All Shifts

Parallelism (all under Clarity: sentences on DH website)

In class: Compare/ Contrast Notes

Week 4

Mon 6/14: Review the following:

Choppy Sentences

Subordination (both under Clarity: sentences on DH website)

AND Read Longman:

Ch. 8 (Compare/ Contrast) p. 337-352;

Read essays by Weiner (p.353) and Barry (p.370)

Tue 6/15:In class: Grammar review for test

Grammar Test 3

Wed 6/16: In-class Compare/ Contrast essay

In class: Cause and Effect Notes

Thurs 6/17: Read Longman:

Ch. 9 (Cause and Effect) p. 383-399

Read essays by King (p.400) and Kleiner (p.411)

In class: Punctuation rules review

Week 5

Mon  6/21:Review Punctuation:

Commas, Semicolons, Colons Apostrophes, Quotes, Other Punctuation Marks (such as

Parentheses, Brackets, Slashes, Hyphens, Em dashes, Ellipses).  

In class: Argument Notes

Tue  6/22: In class: Punctuation review for test

Grammar Test 4

AND Read Longman:

Ch. 11 (Argument/ Persuasion) p. 472-507

Wed  6/23:Cause and Effect Essay Due

AND Read Longman:

Argument: read essays by Sherry (p.515) and Parker (p.566)

Thurs 6/24: Read Longman:

Ch. 10 (on Definition) p.430-443

Read essay by Cole (p.444)

In class: Final “exam” quiz

Fri    6/25:   Department Final Exam

Sat   6/26: Final Argument Paper due via e-mail and turnitin.com no later than 11:59pm

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