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Chapter 9: Cost/Benefit Analysis, or ROI for Call Center Enhancements

Cost Elements to be Considered

The cost elements are determined by:

  • a bill of materials with costs of all the pieces of the proposed information technology

  • a cost estimate of the labor charges to install, train and maintain the information technology investment

  • the cost of capital over the lifetime of the information technology to be implemented

Computing a Realistic ROI

The computed ROI is simply the total profits divided by the total cost times 100 to state it in terms of a percentage. ROI for customer service investments of 50% to 200% are quite common. We suggest you use the ROI worksheet shown in Appendix X, which lends itself quite easily to a spreadsheet template.

In addition, when technology or process has been changed or updated, there is a tendency of management to discount the need for budgeting money for training employees in the new systems. In Appendix X there is a sample calculation on computing the ROI for training employees. This is a simple calculation to help executives understand that if they don’t train people to use the new system, they won’t use it, and the money spent on new technology and changes to process will virtually be wasted.

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