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How To Conduct a Call Center Performance Audit: A to Z

more customer contacts will come through call centers and other electronic communications.

Information technology plays a very important role in addressing the call center business process. For example:

  • The moderate cost and multi-function of information technology.

  • Telecommunication technology now makes it possible to track customer preferences one at a time.

  • Web and Internet services expand to reconfigure traditional customer information channels.

  • The ability to integrate telephone and computer technology (including multimedia) provides new ways to support knowledge management accessibility in order to provide a prompt and accurate reply.

Opportunity Exists

The ever-improving world of information/telecommunication technology accelerates change. Change creates opportunity. The new rules for business success allow nimble, customer-focused organizations to steal customers from existing giants. This creates opportunity for those who can assist companies to improve their call center through expert auditing and consulting and the efficient use of technology.

The site assessment is an entry vehicle to a client’s call center environment. It is designed to document a call center’s current use of information technology and people, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement and/or re-engineering. Because many call center functions grew in an unplanned manner, they are often struggling simply to answer calls. They have neither formal process for improving their plight, nor the vision for turning their call center into a “high-tech and high-touch” competitive advantage.

The site assessment may uncover the need for the following:

  • expansion and upgrade of existing equipment

  • improvement in standards, procedures, and policies

  • quantifying and tracking customer service levels

  • business process mapping for efficient workflow

  • attracting, selecting and training quality staff

  • management and people skills training

  • a corporate culture change

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