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If you are considering joining CSWA, visit the web-

site at www.clinicalsocialworkassociation.org click on "Become a Member."


Lastly, I’ll leave you with this fact, which is leaving me both warm and grateful on this chilly evening. MSCSW now has 120 members!

Her areas of focus in her practice include supervi- sion and consultation, trauma, loss, refugee and immigrant populations, cross-cultural therapy, ther- apy via interpreters, GLBT populations, depression, PTSD, anxiety. Her training is in developmental and clinical psychology. Andrea states that while she is not an LICSW, she joined out of appreciation for the quality of the MSCSW conferences she has attended

Getting to Know Your Colleagues

in recent years.

David Gibson, LICSW, Past President, Leadership Development Chair

It is my pleasure to present to you the newest mem-

Pamela “Pam” Berkwitz:

Welcome Pam!

Look for

more information on Pam in the 2010 Membership Directory coming soon!

bers of the Minnesota





Society for Clinical Social 120 members strong and

continue, as our motto reads, to ing Excellence in Clinical Social the following new members:

focus on “Generat-




Michelle Krypel:

Welcome Michelle! Look for more

information on Michelle Directory coming soon!





Welcome MSCSW New Members!

Christy Zender: Christy received a dual-degree from St. Kate’s/St. Thomas in Social Work and Theology. She works at The Emily Program in St. Paul (651- 645-5323) and specializes in working with adoles- cents struggling with eating disorders.

Sarah Shriver: Sarah received her MSW in 1988 from the University of Minnesota and has been working in the area of adolescent mental health since 2000. She works with Health Start, a program of West Side

Clinics, and for the last tral High School in St.

4 years Paul.

in the clinic at Cen- The majority of her

clients present a wide range of issues. Sarah is ing forward to increasing her connections with clinical social workers.

look- other

Treana Mungovan: Treana received both her Bache- lors and Masters of Social Work from Augsburg College. She is currently working as a case manager for Women's Housing Partnership which provides rental subsidies and case management for long term homeless women diagnosed with an SPMI. She also is a volunteer counselor at Walk-In Counseling Cen- ter, on the weekly team, and loves it! Her focus is on mental health, specifically working with survivors of trauma.

Andrea Northwood, Ph.D., L.P.: Andrea joined as a Friend of MSCSW. She works as a psychologist at the Center for Victims of Torture (612-436-4812) and has a private practice in St. Paul (651-274-0191).

Coalition Report

David Gibson, LICSW, Past President, MSCSW Coalition Representative

The coalition began meeting again in September with a number of important items on its agenda, and as the fall has progressed more items have been added.

Actually… prior to beginning our regularly sche- duled meetings we were already at work looking at the issues confronting the social work community with the changes in licensure that take effect in Au- gust of 2011. At task force was formed to look at how the coalition and its various member organiza- tions might help provide the training and resources necessary to make sure there are enough qualified supervisors (the new 30 hours of training needed). Also on the agenda were questions of how to edu- cate and provide resources regarding the licensure changes to the social work community and the many agencies employing social workers. Out of this task force three work groups were formed: The Tools and Implementation Work Group looking at written re- sources to aid social workers and their agencies in the transition; The Cultural Competency group to look at the needs and resources to provide for cul-

tural competent supervisors and resources address the new issues and needs being created

to by

MSCSW Newsletter – Winter 2010

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