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Mentor Orientation program

Volunteers Needed: Each committee has a core of volunteers who communicate through meetings and email. Also, each committee maintains a group of on-call/special project volunteers. The Education Committee is currently seeking such volunteers to help with the workshops. Please contact Mark La- Chapelle (952-928-8474) or Bonnie Burg (651-647- 4412) if you would like to be involved.

Membership Services Committee

The MSCSW Board and Membership Committee have established a mentor orientation program to wel- come and introduce new members to the society. It was felt this individualized orientation program would introduce members to our services, identify the members interests and facilitate the society helping them achieve their professional goals. This program will link new members with established members who together can determine if they wish to collaborate via internet/phone or in person.

Please note our new Web Coordinator is Sara An- derson who, together with her husband Brian, keeps us up-to-date. Thank you Brian! We do ap- preciate spouse and partner volunteers! Chairs – Ellen Abnet, Anne Ford Study Groups Ethics Seminars Annual Meeting Special Projects Membership Table/Networking Database/Membership Records/Directory – Sarah

Schuh (612-873-7720)




A mentor relationship will be offered to new mem- bers in a letter in their welcoming packet. A mentor/mentee relationship could include discuss- ing the following: the members’ expectations for society member- ship their planned level of involvement their skills and needs their contribution to clinical social work

Law Committee – Legal issues and Clinical Social Work

Supervision List – Bev Caruso (612-374-2618) Web Coordinator – Sarah Anderson (651-766- 0671) Committee Members: Anne Ford, Ellen Abnet, Va- nessa Foley, Shelley Sears Berven, Anita Bissinger, Jamie Nelson, Linda Pavic, Dave Gibson

MSCSW provides a hotline for advice on Clinical So- cial Work and the Law. We offer advice on issues such as courtroom testimony, depositions, confi- dentiality, ethics, managed care billing, problems and more. Committee Members are Clay Sankey, Dave Gibson and Ellen Luepker.

Membership Services Chairs Ellen Abnet and Anne Ford will co-lead the next Ethics Seminar on Tues- day, February 9, 2010, at Anne’s home, 9810 Edgewood Drive, Bloomington, MN 55438.

Topics will include: Confidentiality Dual Relationships Self Disclosure Supervisor/Supervisee Issues Informed Consent Fiduciary Relationship Self Determination

The format is participatory and focuses on issues members present. If time allows, the presenters will discuss a Fiduciary/Abandonment issue.

Please RSVP to Anne Ford at 612-817-1757.

Please call Ellen Luepker, LICSW, at 651-999-0116 for more information.

Tips from the Law Committee: What’s in a Good Treatment Progress Note?

(Excerpted from Luepker, ET, MSW, BCP, “Recordkeeping in Psycho- therapy and Counseling Protecting Confidentiality & the Professional Relationship,” Brunner-Routledge, NY 2003)

Ongoing Intervention/Treatment Progress Notes:

Documentation from session to session re: client’s concerns/issues/symptoms/problems, response or lack of response to mutually agreed upon intervention/treatment Modifications of original intervention/treatment plan

MSCSW Newsletter – Winter 2010

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