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been involved with PLTW since 1999 says, “ It not only serves students interest in engineering but helps prepare students for a variety of technical career fields”.  He also stated that “Content of the pre-engineering sequence can help prepare students for a wide variety of college and technical programs”  (Senecal, 2003, p. 8).

PLTW Limitations

Limitations of Project Lead the Way are what make this program very controversial. Many professionals believe this program only appeals to  advanced students.  Not every student wants to become an engineer or is capable of an engineering career.   Many educators feel that this program is too difficult for the calibur of student that traditionally participates in the technology programs around the country.  Kohlbrenner says, “ No program can meet the needs of every student” (Senecal, 2003, p.8).    The cost of the program is another obstacle for school districts.  It costs $50,000 to adopt the program and most schools can’t afford that kind of money (Senecal, 2003, p. 9).  If a smaller school district wanted to implement PLTW, then it might not be able to offer the traditional technology courses.   Limited staff and budget constraints would make implementation of both traditional and PLTW courses virtually impossible.  “If such programs are adopted by distracts to replace existing Technology education

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