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A “Terms of Acceptance” is the recorded, written informed consent agreement between a chiropractor and the patient. This document provides the patient with disclosure of the responsibilities of the chiropractor and limits of chiropractic, and the reasonable benefit to be expected.

This enables the patient to make an informed choice, based on their preferences, either to engage the services of the chiropractor, aware of the intended purpose of the care involved, or not to engage those services if the proposed goals are not acceptable or not desired. This embodies the responsibility of assuring patient preference and safety by not providing false or misleading promises, claims or pretenses to the patient. 144 -150

The Role of Value Judgments

Clearly the individuals involved in the development of these guidelines share common values regarding the existence of the vertebral subluxation and the importance of identifying its manifestation in patients, followed by its reduction and/or correction. This becomes obvious as one looks at the various backgrounds which the individuals bring to the process. It can also be said that the Panel’s views on the subluxation and the literature reviewed mirrors that of the average practicing chiropractor. This is evidenced by a recent study which found significant agreement amongst chiropractors regarding the concept of subluxation and how it is diagnosed and managed. 151

Another issue that is somewhat apparent is the panel’s adherence to an evidence-based model for evaluation and characterization of vertebral subluxation. This additionally reflects the value placed on the objective identification of subluxation and assessment of outcome following the introduction of care intended to correct it.


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_________________________________________________________ Council on Chiropractic Practice Clinical Practice Guideline Number 1 Vertebral Subluxation in Chiropractic Practice – 2003 Update & Revision

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