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commenced throwing heavy books at her, some of which hit her in her feet

and legs (TR 22-25).

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    The September 20, 2004 copier incident, wherein Claywell brushed and grabbed the complainant’s breast, occurred after he dumped a pile of papers into the complainant’s arms, which were already full with documents she was copying and which effectively rendered her helpless to respond (TR 35-38).

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    In a second incident on September 20, 2004 after the complainant entered a closet to get copy paper, Claywell surprised her in the closet – blocking her exit – and commenced unwanted touching, forcing the complainant to forcefully push him aside to flee the closet and the premises (TR 38-48).

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    Claywell told the complainant that he did not respect women and that they were beneath him (TR 52).

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    After the complainant issued her letter of resignation she realized that her two paychecks were unsigned and she made arrangements with Claywell for her and her husband to stop by and get them signed. Despite Claywell’s cheerful acceptance of these terms, Claywell had the police contacted with a trespassing complaint and the complainant and her husband were approached and interviewed by the police outside of the respondent’s business office (TR 59-63).

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    The police forced Claywell to sign the checks (TR 64).

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    Despite Claywell’s initiation of the police involvement it was he who was investigated and subsequently arrested, and a resultant criminal prosecution

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