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WINTER, 2010 Calendar of Events


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January 2010 - March 2010


Jan 10 Jan 12-18 Jan 29-31

Unit 140 Annual Dinner District 3 Winter Regional Unit 106 Sectional

Edison, NJ Rye Brook, NY Allendale, NJ

Feb 10-15 Feb 26-28

February ‘10 New England Knockout Team Unit 140 Winter Sectional

Cromwell, CT Woodbridge, NJ

Mar 3-9 Mar 11-21 Mar 27

March ‘10 Unit 140 STaCs Spring 2009 NABC District 3 GNT Finals

Contact Clubs Reno, NV White Plains, NJ

January ‘10


By Joan Gerard, District 3 Director

I was at the World Bridge Championships held in Sao Paulo, Brazil September 1- 17 serving as Chairman of Appeals. As I recall, only one appeal involved the United States and they were not the team appealing. We had six teams representing us: two in each of the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and D’Orsi Senior Bowl Trophy competitions. In the Bermuda Bowl, the Nickell team brought home the Gold medal, and the Ladies in the Venice Cup captured the Silver. Unfortunately, neither of our Senior teams were able to win a medal.

In spite of October madness, District 3’s October Regional in Danbury was enjoyed by all. While jack-o-lanterns were filled with candy corn at the Hospitality desks, a Fall snow covered the beautiful autumn leaves and no doubt kept a few of our regulars from attending. President of the ACBL Jerry Fleming, and his wife Marion were our guests for several days - as well as Patty Tucker, Junior Coordinator from the ACBL. Patty ran a work- shop one morning for those interested in helping to develop programs to teach bridge to Juniors. One table of juniors did come and play after school on Thursday and were treated to free plays and a pizza dinner. The winners even got a teeny bit of a masterpoint.

As the year draws to a close, it’s appropriate to thank all those folks who help to make District 3 the success that it is. In your unit we applaud Steve Maltzman, web master extraordinaire, Chairman for the North American Pairs and on-site Tournament Manager who also sends out e-mail reminders to our mailing lists promoting our upcoming District events. Eli Schneider continues to do our Daily Bulletins and is the District Recorder. Everyone who makes LM at our tournaments or wins an event gets their picture in the Daily Bulletin. Debbie Wasik has joined our Advertising and Publicity team. So far she has been very successful in pur- suing a new means of promotion for us - that is getting our tournaments listed in the calendars of newspapers and radio stations in the area sur- rounding each of our regionals. Hopefully, this will attract new players.

Besides those volunteers who make us look good, we have our directing staff who not only make us look good but keep things running smoothly and are super ambassadors for bridge. Thanks to our entire crew of direc- tors, including Bernie Gorkin, Anita Goldman, Marilyn Wells, the group from the Mid-Atlantic Doug Grove, Millard Natchway, Terry Lavender, Michael Carroad, and Candy Kuschner. Wait, there are more: Chris Patrias, Alan Miller, Greg Reich, Joe Byrnes, Peter Marcus, David Marshall, David Metcalf, Frank Allison, and Cheryl Porter-Garofalo, who heads our Newplicate program. And last, but certainly not least, Sol Weinstein, who has been Director-in-Charge for more years than most of us can remember. They are the best! Please take the time to at least smile at them the next time you see them. If you have the time, why don’t you think of volunteering to help either unit 140 or the District. We all need any time you can offer.

BCCNJ will host its annual Mort Schultz Memorial game on Friday, January 1, 2010 to honor our 2009 new Life Masters. This is an upgraded club championship game which awards mega masterpoints. We would be pleased to have you join us. Complimentary lessons for our newer players are on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 11 am. On Mondays there is a 299er game at noon.

ESSEX - New Changes beginning January 1, 2010: The Intermediate 0-299 games will become 0-499 Non Life-Master (NLM). ALL Open and 0-499 NLM games will offer Triple- Points. Friday Evenings Jan 22 and March 5 - 8 Is Enough Swiss Teams (Please con- tact Essex Bridge Center to pre-register). Advanced Beginner Lessons - Level 2 - Learn to Play by Doing - For players who know a little about bridge but need a refresher on basic bidding - Wed - 6:30pm-9:00pm - Starting January 13 & Thur - 9:00am - 11:30am

  • -

    Starting January 14. Call (973) 535-9262 or visit our website for reservations and

events (www.essexbridgecenter.com).

MOUNTAIN LAKES - We meet all year round at St. Francis Assisted Living, 122 Diamond Spring Rd, Denville. All players are welcome for a fast and friendly game every Thursday at 12:30 -- come on down! For directions or partners call BJ Moore,

973 966-0892.


I BID IT MY WAY By Bernie Mechlowitz

And now my friend is here, her bridge she claims to be expert in She makes strange bids and so, our system needs lots of alertin' But I tend to forget those bids she makes on the bridge highway And so when I respond, I bid it my way

Revokes, I've had a few, but then again too few to mention I bid the way I bid without regard to our convention When playing out a hand, which card to play is something I weigh But when I have to bid, I bid it my way

Yes there were times I'm sure you knew When I bid game with points too few And when I played and there was doubt I'd clearly hear my partner shout She would recall my errors - all But I bid my way

I've played a lot and won But also had my share of losing Bridge is a lot of fun Some find the way I bid amusing I think I'm really good and so I say not in a shy way When I look at my hand I bid it my way

For thirteen cards is what I've got So should I bid or should I not Should I bid right on ev'ry deal Or should I bid the way I feel The records show - My scores are low 'Cause I bid my way

World Game 2010 Start Planning for the World Games to be held in the

City of Brotherly Love October 1- 17, 2010.

Both Ron and I wish all of you what you wish for yourselves in the New Year. Good health, happiness and good bridge! May all your contracts be tops! See you soon and often at the bridge tables.

How exciting to have them so close & in the USA.

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