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Music (CD’s and tapes) Recordings of your choice of the following examples:

  • R.

    Chavez, Carlos, Toccata for Percussion

  • S.

    Debussy, Claude, The Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

  • T.

    Gershwin, George, Rhapsody in Blue

  • U.

    Rossini, Giaocchino, The William Tell Overture

  • V.

    Sousa, John Philip, The Stars and Stripes Forever

  • W.

    Vivaldi, Antonio, The Four Seasons

  • X.

    Wilson, Meredith, Seventy Six Trombones from The Music Man

  • Y.

    The Core Music Collection for the following: Grade 1: Carnival of the Animals Grade 2: The Four Seasons and Toccata for Percussion Grade 3: The Stars and strips Forever and Rhapsody in Blue. Randolph, David, “A Demonstration of the Instruments of the Orchestra”. New York: Vanguard Classics, 1996. (CDs and booklet)

The Music-Science Connection, Music (Gr. 3)

2002 Core Knowledge® Conference


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