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ADRP Member Survey on World Blood Donor Day Activities

During the past few years, ADRP has promoted the involvement of its members in World Blood Donor Day activities. The ADRP Global Programs Committee would like to obtain member input before it develops plans for the 2009 WBDD Activities.

1. Did your blood center promote WBDD Activities in: 2006 2007 2008

6. Have you ever visited the official WBDD site: yes no

2. If you did not, would you ever consider promoting WBDD: yes no

7. Do you think ADRP should be involved in supporting WBDD: yes no

3. If you have participated, what have you found most valuable: World Blood Donor Day balloons Scholarship opportunity to attend conference Downloadable material

8. Should ADRP have an official media representative for WBDD: yes no Comments:

  • 4.

    Which of the downloadable materials have you used from the ADRP Website:

    • Sample Activity List

    • Sample Ad

    • WBDD fact sheet (MS Word)

    • Official WBDD 2008 poster (PDF)

    • Sample press release that can be tailored to build WBDD interest among local media

    • Sample Local Fact Sheet (MS Word)

    • Sample Solicitation Letter for Gubernatorial Proclamations (MS Word)

    • Sample Proclamations: Gubernatorial (MS Word) or Mayoral (MS Word)

    • Top 25 Sound Bites (MS Word)

    • Facts about Blood and Blood Banking (MS Word)

    • Generating Media Publicity (MS Word)

    • WBDD Flyer To Use (MS Word)

    • Newspaper Ad To Use (MS Word)

    • None of the Above

  • 9.

    What type of support or activities would you like to see ADRP do for WBDD:

  • 10.

    Should the United States seek to host WBDD: yes no Comments:

11. Suggestions or comments:

  • 5.

    Which of the downloadable materials have you used from the WBDD Website:

    • World Blood Donor Day Official Logo

    • Poster

    • Quick Start Planning Guide

    • We Shine as One Tribute Song

    • None of the Above

Please fax survey to 866.498.6527 or fill out online at adrp.org the Drop - ADRP’s Quarterly Newsletter Winter 2009 / Page 13

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