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that wanted regular updates on the numbers.

Trent Engstrom, LifeSouth’s donor services manager for the Greater Atlanta Region, said it would rate as his most unusual drive in his nine years in the business. He said the craziest costume he spotted was a person dressed as a 4 x 7 foot bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, while his favorite was the giant skulled creature that spouted steam every time it grunted.

“All of the donors were just incredible, the crowd was just amazing, really nice,” Engstrom said.

And when the event was over, Britt and Koslow brainstormed on how to improve the turnout for 2009. Adding Thursday night registration to the drive schedule, with donors earning head-of-the-line privileges, was targeted as an effective incentive, while a Sunday ice cream social with live music was eyed as a nice reward. LifeSouth Director of Recruitment and Retention Galen Unold knows there is room for growth.

“The only thing that is limiting us is space and staff,” Unold said. “We hope to get 2,500 next year.”

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers’ Corporate Special Promotions Coordinator David Britt in his Darth Elvis persona, left, and volunteer drive chair Dr. Alan R. Koslow, talk Dragon*Con drive strategy.

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers’ Recruiter Harlequin Gilchrist, right, taps into her inner pirate, while making a connection with a look-alike from the film “The Matrix.” DragonCon4

When doing screenings, LifeSouth Community Blood Centers’ Melisa Brittian, left, learned that under the make-up and costumes, there were lots of red-blooded donors at Dragon*Con.

the Drop - ADRP’s Quarterly Newsletter Winter 2009 / Page 21

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