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being faster, more accurate and more durable.

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    Hemocue HB digital machines: The new digital machines accurately measure blood donor hemoglobin (iron) levels. The copper sulphate method currently used is inaccurate which can be harmful to anemic donors.

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    Digital weight scales: Scales are needed to accurately screen donors.

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    Laptops for field use and recruitment: Laptops allow access to a computerized database that tracks a blood donor’s history and eligibility to donate. Blood safety is greatly enhanced by this access by identifying ineligible donors before they enter the donation process.

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    Projector for donor recruitment: A projector is a valuable presentation tool at workshops and educational forums where blood donors may be recruited.

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    Folding chairs and folding desks: Imagine showing up at a blood drive and not having a chair on which to sit or a desk on which to write. Mobile blood drives in Kenya need rentals to cover such basic needs, limiting site options, and impacting the donor center’s function.

The GBF is currently looking for additional beneficiary (recipient) agencies in Mexico, South America, Central America, and Asia.

Currently two blood centers are participating (Oklahoma Blood Institute and United Blood Services

  • West Texas), with an additional

four expected to join in the next three months. Eventually (five to ten years hence), the goal is to have widespread participation across the US industry internationally.

The Global Blood Fund works with blood collectors in developing countries to help them recruit and retain safe voluntary donors. To do this, GBF supplies equipment and resources that enhance the individual’s donation experience and support the agency’s recruitment, tracking, education, and motivational efforts.

Established, successful blood donor centers are invited to join the cause by becoming a Global Blood Fund (GBF) partner.

1. Does your center have a Recognition Store or Loyalty Point Program on your webpage? If so, make the Global Blood Fund an item for your donors. Let your blood donors elect to make a second type of gift by spending

their points to support the Global Blood Fund.

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    Host a dedicated Global Blood Fund blood drive? This is a popular choice with churches and civic groups. Instead of passing out t-shirts or hats, the donor center will make a contribution to the Global Blood Fund. Each donor center can set and adjust the specific value of the per donor contribution.

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    Invite your donors at the donor centers to participate, too! Instead of the promotional item, ask if they would rather have your center contribute an equitable amount to the Global Blood Fund. GBF can provide templates for

posters, flyers, and emails to share, as well as pre-drive presentation material. Partnering blood center logos and honored blood drives will be recognized on the GBF website.

For information about GBF contact Crystal Radcliff at 405.419.1307 or

email info@globalbloodfund.org.

the Drop - ADRP’s Quarterly Newsletter Winter 2009 / Page 5

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