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TENANTS STATUTORY OBLIGATIONS: The law specifically requires you, as a tenant, to: 1) comply with all obligations primarily imposed upon tenants by applicable provisions of building and housing codes materially affecting health and safety; 2) keep that part of the premises that you occupy and use as clean and safe as the condition of the premises permit; 3) dispose from your dwelling unit all garbage, rubbish and other waste in a clean and safe manner; 4) keep all plumbing fixtures in the dwelling unit or used by you as clean as their condition permits; 5) use in a reasonable manner all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating air-conditioning, and other facilities and appliances including elevators in the premises; 6) not deliberately or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair, or remove any part of the premises of knowingly permit any person to do so; 7) conduct yourself and require other persons on the premises with your consent to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb your neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of the premises.


SUBLETTING/ASSIGNMENT: You may sublet the premises provided you get our prior written consent. As a condition of such subletting, such other persons shall be bound by the terms of this Lease and shall acknowledge such fact by executing a copy of this Lease. Despite any sublet, you agree to be bound by this Lease until the term expires and your security deposit shall not be released until the expiration of the term. You may not assign this Lease.


PETS: no animals, birds or pets of any kind shall be permitted in the premises without our prior written consent. The granting of consent to others shall in no way be deemed the granting of consent to you, nor obligate us to grant consent to you.

ALTERATIONS: You shall not remodel, paint or make any structural changes to the premises, nor shall you attach or remove any fixtures without our prior written consent.

times, so as not to disturb other tenants in the building. You shall not conduct, or permit to be conducted, vocal or instrumental practice or instruction in the premises.


ACCESS: To provide both routine and emergency maintenance service, we retain a key to your apartment. Service requests placed by you shall be answered in a reasonable time. Except in case of emergency or unless it is impracticable to do so, we will give you at least two (2) days or forty- eight (48) hours notice of our intent to enter and will enter only at reasonable times. If we enter the apartment in your absence, we shall leave our card explaining the purpose of our call and the name of our representative. We reserve the right during the term of your tenancy to show your apartment to prospective tenants. Lessee agrees to notify Lessor immediately when maintenance is required.


ABANDONMENT: If during the term of your tenancy, you abandon the apartment, the Owner will send a letter to you stating that unless a reply is received from you within seven (7) days, the Owner shall re-rent the premises. In the event you shall be absent from your apartment for a period of more than ten (10) consecutive days, notice of such fact must be given to the Owner no later than the first (1st) day of the extended absence prior to departure. If you vacate the premises without notice to Owner, remove substantially all possessions from the premises and do not pay rent for more than fifteen (15) days, abandonment has occurred.


RULES AND REGULATIONS: Water beds cannot be used in the premises without prior written consent. Consent will be granted only if you give proof of insurance coverage.

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