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REMOVAL FOR BREACH OF RENTAL LEASE: If we, at any time, find your conduct or the conduct of such persons on the premises with your consent in noncompliance with this lease, we will send you a written notice that such conduct is considered a breach of the Lease and that if you do not remedy the breach within twenty (20) days of the mailing of the notice, this Lease will terminate and we will commence eviction proceedings against you. A second notice of noncompliance sent to you within six (6) months of the first notice will result in termination of this Lease.

DELIQUENT RENT PAYMENTS: If we fail to receive your monthly rent installment within five (5) days of the due date, you may be charged a late payment charge. No demand for rent, either written or oral, is required. If any part of the rent is due and in arrears for fifteen (15) days, we will send you a written notice specifying the amount of rent in arrears, making demand for same and notifying you that unless you pay the amount in arrears within five (5) days of the mailing of the notice, this Lease will terminate and eviction proceedings will commence. Tenant shall pay all of Landlord’s reasonable costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees for collection or eviction actions.

NOTICE AND EXTENSION ON LEASE: The Tenant shall be obligated to give to the Owner at least 45 days prior to the end of the rental term, a written notice as to whether of not the tenant wishes to extend or terminate the term of this Lease. This notice must be sent to the office where the rent is paid. This provision does not give the Tenant any right to hold over at the expiration of the term of this Lease. If Tenant remains in possession without the Owner’s consent, Owner may commence an eviction action. If no such notice is received, Tenant becomes a Tenant from month to month in the event the Owner shall permit the Tenant to remain in the premises beyond the end of the term. All the terms and conditions of this Lease shall remain in full force during any month to month tenancy hereunder. The Owner or Tenant may terminate a month to month tenancy by a written notice to the other with a termination date no earlier than the last day of the following month.

REPRESENTATIONS AND APPLICATIONS: We enter into this Lease with you on the basis of the representations contained in the application which is made part of this Lease, and, in the event any of the representations contained in the application shall be found to be misleading, incorrect or untrue, we shall have the right to cancel this Lease and to repossess the premises.

REMOVAL OF PERSONAL PROPERTY: If after violation of any provisions of this Lease, or upon the expiration of this Lease, you move out and fail to remove any of your personal property or that personal property of anyone else being kept in the apartment by your own volition, then the personal property shall be deemed abandoned and we shall have the right to remove it.

CANCELLATION-EMINENT DOMAIN: In case of sale or condemnation by eminent domain of the leased premises, this Lease will automatically become null and void. Any and all damages awarded for such taking for public purpose shall belong to and be the property of the Owner.

MORTGAGE: You acknowledge that we have executed a mortgage on the premises and thereby agree to subordinate your Lease to the existing mortgage or to any new mortgage that should be executed on the property. Your execution of this Lease hereby constitutes and appoints the Owner as Tenants attorney-in-fact to execute any such certificate or

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