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The Digital Advantage

Unlike yesterday's imprecise analog and hybrid automation systems, the DeltaV system delivers precision control, predictive maintenance and enterprise optimization for better plant performance using bi-direction digital communication with intelligent field devices. And the savings are astonishing.

All digital busses reduce your wiring costs by providing multiple devices on a single pair of wires. Fewer wires mean less installation costs, lower ongoing maintenance costs, and fewer drawings to create and maintain.

Easy to add—live

Add digital busses devices, bus seg- ments, bus interfaces, other field interfaces, controllers, and work- stations, while the DeltaV system continues to control your process.


Footprint savings

The notion of I/O disappears in the digital bus environment. The “I/O” is in the field device. Cabinet and junction box footprint is significantly reduced, slashing your footprint and installation costs.

Pick the best bus combination for your application in one integrated controller.

Reactive vs. predictive

Digital busses range in the amount of information they can transmit between intelligent field devices and digital automation systems. The amount and quality of information determines whether reactive or predictive maintenance can be performed.

Sensor busses—AS-i bus offers low-cost, simple installation discrete devices, like pushbuttons, on/off valves, and proximity switches. Neither standard diagnostic nor validated information is automatically available.

Device busses—DeviceNet and Profibus DP typically connect motor starters, drives, and other more complex devices. They offer some level of diagnostics.


Limitations in the standards create extra engineering efforts by users to take full advantage of diagnostics and operating information.

Fieldbus—FOUNDATION fieldbus and HART provides the most intelligence and ability to predict maintenance problems before they occur. FOUNDATION fieldbus devices provide predictive alerts, millisecond data capture, validated data, field-based control, diagnostics, and asset information bi-directionally with the digital automation system.

Wiring savings

Reduce wiring, footprint, engineering and maintenance—easy.


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