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Intuitive Operations

The DeltaV operations software provides an easy-to- use environment for process operations and information access. All operations applications are fully remotable for access anywhere on your plant Ethernet network or via modem.

Easy to learn, easy to use

Additional DeltaV simulation capabilities provide single PC and multi-node training systems to get operators familiar with the process before it goes on-line.

Secure environment

DeltaV Flexlock security restricts access to the underlying Windows workstation operating system. No more games, accidental file deletions, activities that take hours to repair, or unscheduled outages.

The DeltaV system embeds state-of-the-art graphical components of iFix by Intellution.

Operator graphics are easy to learn and use. DeltaV users around the globe report cutting their operator training costs in half or more.

One-click access to alarms, alarm summaries, trends, display navigation and on-line help: these come pre-engineered, reducing the cost of engineering the system compared with component-based automation systems.

Premier alarm management

Digital automation systems receive validated data, displaying quality, status, and diagnostics from intelligent field devices. This is the foundation of precision alarm management. The DeltaV system ends the arguments of process problems versus device problems by reporting the actual facts.

Alarm suppression Alarm management is built on EEMUA 191, developed by a consortium of leading process industry automation users and suppliers, designed to eliminate nuisance alarms.

Supporting EEMUA 191 standards, the DeltaV system allows: Operator suppression of alarms Time-stamp and history of suppressed alarms Removing suppressed alarms from alarm banner and alarm summary Maintaining a suppressed alarm summary.

The Process History View provides continuous trends and event views.

Built on EEMUA 191, nuisance alarms are easily suppressed.

Better, easier plant management.


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