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The Process History View provides continuous trends, event views and batch views to intuitively present these different types of historical information. View your operation's real-time and historical information integrated into a single view, helping you pinpoint trends and events affecting plant operation.

identify who changed what, when and why. In addition, users may deploy AMS Device Audit Trail for tracking field device changes.

Easy enterprise connectivity

The DeltaV system was the first to integrate continuous and event information into a single view. You can easily see a user change— whether an operating or tuning change affected the process.

With device audit trail, you have a complete history of your device maintenance records, reducing your maintenance costs over typical paper-based systems.

Since the history database is a full, embedded PI database from OSIsoft, you can add PI components like RLink, the PI System Gateway to SAP R/3 for enterprise optimization and PI DataLink for easy Excel integration, to name a few options. Visit www.OsiSoft.com for more information.

This software suite facilitates FDA 21 CFR Part 11, OSHA, and ISO 9000 compliance.

Embedded history means easy setup and maintenance. Just click and drag plant areas in the DeltaV Explorer onto a workstation, and all modules within the area are automatically historized.

Each control module—the fundamental building block of control strategies—maintain its own continuous historical configuration information. All of the module parameters are available for historical collection. Event history is automatically collected—it’s easy.

Process History View

Configuration Audit Trail

Tracking all the engineering changes is critical for your regulatory compliance efforts. DeltaV Configuration Audit Trail does this automatically for you. The bigger your process, the more value this audit trail is as an analysis tool to

Configuration tracking is easy. Blue type indicates deletions, and green type indicates what’s been added.

Totally integrated history—easy.


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