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Predictive Maintenance

Only digital automation systems, and the PlantWeb architecture, are built to turn the wealth of diagnostic data in intelligent field devices into focused, actionable information. Instead of seeking out process problems, or having unexpected shutdowns, the DeltaV system with AMS helps you move from preventive and reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance.

Predictive alerts

Alerts generated by the intelligent devices report impending problems to the DeltaV system: alerts like excessive valve stem travel, plugged impulse lines, and impending sensor failure. These alerts are reported to the operator with the suggested corrective actions to take; to the maintenance work order system; and even to pager, phone, or email if the critical nature of the device warrants it.

Prioritized variability reduction

DeltaV Inspect provides your maintenance staff a complete list of opportunities for process

improvement, sorted by the potential they have to reduce the variability of the process. The prioritized list includes: Uncertain device input

reported Loop mode not in auto Control limited Excessive loop variability

This summary of improvements can be reported via email, web page, or via the DeltaV Inspect application.

AMS inside the DeltaV system

AMS inside DeltaV provides easy access to vital device information for calibration, configuration, device audit trail, and advanced diagnostics for predictive maintenance.

For more information about the PlantWeb digital architecture, visit www.PlantWeb.com .

Alerts, like plugged impulse lines, are reported to the operator along with the corrective action. Prioritized alerts can be sent to the right people, in time to avoid upsets.

Predictive maintenance reduces unplanned shutdowns.


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