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Precision Control

The DeltaV suite of embedded advanced control products gives you the capability to develop the right control strategies for your plant automation needs, at a fraction of the traditional cost. Designed for use by any process engineer, advanced control has never been easier.

It starts in the basement

Precision control begins with validated, time-stamped data from intelligent field devices. Equipment health information is passed directly to the advanced control algorithms and applications so that the appropriate control action can be taken while equipment issues are addressed.

DeltaV Inspect Loop by loop, DeltaV Inspect seeks out excessive variability and recommends how to eliminate it. Additionally, it reports any intelligent device problems or incorrect loop modes—greatly improving your plant’s efficiency.

DeltaV Fuzzy

Fuzzy logic, embedded in the DeltaV engineering environment, gives you fast response time little overshoot, and it has a greater tolerance for noisy signals than classic PID control.

DeltaV Tune An easy-to-use auto-tuning application for your PID and fuzzy logic loops is included with every system.

DeltaV Neural

DeltaV Neural is ideal for modeling noisy and non- linear processes. Neural networks run right in the secure DeltaV controllers. DeltaV Neural includes automatic pre-processing, design, training, and verification. Inspect summarizes poor performing loops and equipment automatically. Advanced regulatory control Advanced control begins with better regulatory control. DeltaV PID control surpasses all other automation systems. Advanced optimization Once you have achieved stable and sustainable regulatory control, DeltaV Advanced Control helps you optimize your plant.

DeltaV Predict

Like PID and fuzzy logic DeltaV Predict is: Easy to deploy and maintain Fast—runs at once per second Secure—runs in DeltaV redundant


Advanced regulatory control, optimization and simulation—smart and easy.


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