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Additionally, DeltaV Inspect monitors Predict, continually checking for equipment problems or the need for model tuning.

e-fficiency.com* A proven internet-based service enables you to access your equipment performance data over the internet to improve process availability and reduce your equipment maintenance costs. Applications include boilers, compressors, turbines, heat exchangers and others. For more information visit www.e-fficiency.com .

Real-time optimization+

Once e-fficiency has helped you pinpoint performance issues, you can use RTO+ to determine and manage your critical units at optimal efficiency—maximizing your margins.


DeltaV Simulate All DeltaV software may be run in a Windows PC. And, all DeltaV I/O function blocks can be set to simulate mode, allowing the control strategies to be read and written to from OPC. A complete 6000 I/O DeltaV system may be created and tested using only three PCs. And, the strategies created and tested are exactly the same as those that run in the plant.

You can use this unique simulate capability to perform operator training. Tie the control to HYSYS.Plant, a process simulation package from HyproTech, and the

*Products of Emerson Process Management’s MDC division.

trainer can get both the soft DeltaV controller and HYSYS.Plant—now, running faster than real-time for precise operator training. For quick and easy system checkout, mimicTM software performs auto- configuration with DeltaV, instantly establishing loop tie backs. mimic offers I/O simulation enabling you to perform a Factory Acceptance Test, simulating I/O, controller and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. One of a kind!

And all this is scalable—all running in a single laptop or in a multi-PC networked system.

For details on the advanced control, simulation and optimization suite, refer to the “DeltaV Advanced Control” brochure.

Process Simulation


All DeltaV I/O blocks may be set to simulate supporting I/O connections to a simulator via OPC.

Optimize your process. Simulation training– easy.

“We were able to cut our checkout time in half with DeltaV Simulate and process modeling software”

  • Greg McMillan

Senior Fellow Advanced Control Engineering Solutia Inc. USA


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