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Enterprise Optimization

Almost everyone recognizes the benefit of connecting the production and automation systems with the enterprise planning, scheduling, quality, and maintenance software. Benefits like efficient plants, optimized supply chains, lower direct labor costs, and dramatically reduced inventory and delivery times. The roadblocks to achieving these logical connections include: legacy automation systems, lack of communications standards, and costly resources to develop and maintain this connectivity.

This client-server architecture has been adopted worldwide. Recognizing that this standard does not support server-to-server communications, like what’s needed to connect automation systems together, Emerson developed the OPC Mirror to fill this gap.

In keeping with Emerson’s commitment to open, interoperable standards, you can access a free version of this software at www.easyDeltaV.com/OPCMirror .

Real-time communication

In 1995 an effort led by Emerson Process Management, Microsoft and Intellution resulted in the development of OPC resulting in a standard for the high speed communication of real-time systems. Today this standard is managed by the OPC FOUNDATION, located at www.opcfoundation.org .

OPC MIrrorLite facilitates drag and drop configuration.

Between OPC and serial communications using Modbus, the old problem of connecting different 3rd-party systems together for real- time communications has been solved!

Event integration

The OPC FOUNDATION increased its standards scope, delivering the OPC Alarm and Event specification for the integration of time-stamped, event information. True to form, Emerson has delivered DeltaV OPC Alarms and Events software for easy, standards-based integration with the enterprise.

The next generation

A new revolution is upon us. Recently we have seen the explosion of the internet with the proliferation of data via standards such as HTTP and HTML. Widely adopted for viewing data, this standard has found its way into automation products such as the DeltaV and AMS web servers for viewing maintenance, historical and process data.

The introduction of web services by Microsoft with the standardization of XML (eXtensible Markup Language), in their vision of enterprise integration, is providing technologies to transform our enterprises even further. Now, 3rd-party applications can work together via a drag-and-drop configuration as opposed to complex C/C++ programming.

Integration has never been easier.


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