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A New Approach

The DeltaV system, a key component of the PlantWeb architecture, is the world’s first digital automation system.

Built with today’s technologies like PC workstations, Ethernet, digital busses, OPC and XML, the DeltaV system delivers more precise control, predictive maintenance, and it delivers that information where and when it’s required.

increased uptime. You can choose the level of redundancy your application

r e q u i r e s , i n c l u d i n g : R e d u n d a n t E t h e r n e t n e t w o r k

communications Redundant controllers Redundant power supplies Redundant H1 FOUNDATION

fieldbus interface and bus power Redundant digital HART I/O Redundant MODBUS and other

RS485 serial communications Redundant workstations

Unlike other systems, the technologies were built from the ground up into a digital automation architecture, not bolted on after the fact. That’s what makes the DeltaV system easy to learn, easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to connect to your existing automation.


Rugged control and field interfaces

Built to mount anywhere— minimizing your installation costs a n d e n s u r i n g s a f e t y . M e e t s : Class 1, Div. 2 Zone 1* and 2 Intrinisically safe options G3 corrosion resistance -40 to 70°C*.

HSE Device*

Digital HART

While the DeltaV system is built with quality components, many customers seek further assurance—like the demands of

H1 Fieldbus

Digital precision throughout the architecture.


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