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Modular Hardware

The DeltaV control hardware delivers big savings in the installation process. The compact, modular design allows you to cost-effectively meet your process needs.

Classic field interfaces

The DeltaV system also supports a full range of analog, discrete, thermocouple, and RTDs for your existing field devices.

Intrinsically safe

Flexible installation

DeltaV control hardware is built rugged and flexible to mount almost a n y w h e r e . I t s b u i l t f o r : C l a s s 1 , D i v i s i o n 2 a r e a s C E N E L E C Z o n e 1 / 2 * a r e a s I S A - S 7 1 . 0 4 - 1 9 8 5 A i r b o r n e

The DeltaV instrinsically safe field interface subsystem connects intrinsically safe field circuits and field devices into Class 1, Division 1, Zone 1, and Zone 0 hazardous areas, for most standard analog input, analog output, discrete input, and discrete output applications.

Contaminants Class G3

Field power injection

The DeltaV control hardware has many mounting options available to reduce your installation costs. Some options include: DIN rail field junction box High-density cabinet mount DIN rail wall mount Skid mount

Unlike most existing automation systems, the DeltaV system injects field power right at the field interface terminations, significantly reducing installation cost by: Eliminating marshalling wiring Reducing cabinet or junction box

footprint Reducing labor for additional


Hot swappable

Unlike other automation solutions, system components including controllers, I/O, field devices and

workstations can be added and removed while the system is powered and running. You can expand and upgrade your system on-the-fly with no downtime.

Grow your system on-the-fly with no downtime. Rugged, redundant, reliable.


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