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Chevron-chartered ship, Stena Carron, in a bid to stop it sailing to the Shetlands where it is expected to drill on the Lagavulin prospect. The Greenpeace protestors took to the waters of the north Atlantic less than 48 hours after a separate occupation of the same vessel was ruled illegal by an Edinburgh court.”874

Japan to drill for methane hydrates aiming for commercial production by 2018. Guardian: “A consortium led by the Japanese government and the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (Jogmec) will be sinking several wells off the south-eastern coast of Japan to assess the commercial viability of extracting gas from frozen methane deep beneath local waters. Surveys suggest Japan has enough methane hydrate for 100 years at the current rate of usage. … Tokyo plans to start commercial output of methane hydrates by 2018. … Japan's ministry of trade, which is behind the scheme, has requested a budget of ¥8.9bn (£667m) for the drilling to start next spring. The huge budget reflects the difficulties of drilling deep offshore. In Japan, hydrates in the Sea of Kumano are found about 30km offshore in about 100 metres of water and at a depth below the seabed of 200 metres , making it difficult to mine the unstable hydrates. Concerns had been raised that digging for frozen methane would destabilise the methane beds which contain enough gas worldwide to snuff out most complex life on earth. … "There are many other technological problems to overcome," says the Jogmec website. "Not least that when you drill you create heat which turns the frozen methane into gas, which could then leak uncontrollably through the sea to our atmosphere."875

Stop all offshore drilling, says German consultancy EnergyComment. FT: “A slightly confusing report” from EnergyComment “carries the provocative title “Offshore oil drilling: Public costs and risks are too high.…. But when I look for the justification for such an assertion, it is difficult to find. Much of the report focuses on the problems that come with depth, rleaving out shallower drilling altogether. It also seems to set a high bar on what is a “justified risk”.”876

Scotland should produce enough renewable electricity to meet all its power demand by 2025: First Minister Alex Salmond. “Scotland has unrivalled green energy resources and our new national target to generate 80 percent of electricity needs from renewables by 2020 will be exceeded by delivering current plans for wind, wave and tidal generation.”877

Alberta's tar sands are a source of “ethical oil”, claims conservative activist. Guardian: “The case is being made in a new book by conservative activist Ezra Levant called: "Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada's Oil Sands." … Or as Levant so subtly puts it: “You can't fill up your car's gastank with solar panels or windmills or cold fusion or dilithium crystals. It's Canadian ethical oil, or Saudi terrorist oil”.”878

Ecuador hatches a plan to leave some of its oil in the ground. Can it succeed? John Vidal in the Guardian:One of the most extraordinary people I have met in 10 days of travelling around Peru and Ecuador has been Alberto Acosta. He's head of Ecuador's leading research group now, but until 2007 was the second most powerful man in the country after the president, Rafael Correa. He was not only charged with masterminding the new constitution but was head of the assembly, or parliament, a founder of the ruling political party and minister of energy of the country that depends on oil.  …The race is now on. If Ecuador attracts $100m for Yasuni within the year, the oil will not be extracted. If it does not, then almost certainly President Correa, Acosta's old friend, will almost certainly say that he has no option but to send in a Chinese oil company to extract it. It will be the end of the two uncontacted tribes and a vast swathe of the most diverse forest in the world. 879

28.9.10. German government decides to hit 60% energy from renewables by 2050. FT: “The German government has signalled its ambition to wean one of the world’s largest economies off fossil fuels by pledging to generate enough renewable energy to meet 60 per cent of the country’s energy needs by 2050. Norbert Röttgen, environment minister, said it was “the most ambitious energy programme ever seen, not only in Germany”. At the heart of the plan – seven bills overseen by five ministries, agreed by cabinet on Tuesday – lies the extension of the lives of Germany’s 17 nuclear power stations, the last of which was meant to close in 12 years. This contentious decision will increase the life of each nuclear plant by an average of 12 years, but also allow Berlin to divert some extra profit from Eon, RWE, EnBW and Vattenfall to the public purse – €30bn ($40,8bn) until 2036.”880

29.9.10. BP boss Bob Dudley to create new safety division.  It would have "sweeping powers" to oversee and audit the company's operations around the world with the safety and operational risk department having authority to intervene in all aspects of its technical activities.881

EDF raises Flamanville costs in delaying reactor. Bloomberg: “will have a cost overrun of 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) and a delay of as many as two years in developing the EPR nuclear reactor at Flamanville in France, two people with knowledge of the project said. The cost estimate will be raised to 5 billion euros from an initial target of 4 billion euros, according to the people who asked not to be identified because the information isn’t public. It will be delayed from its slated commercial start in 2013. The cost overrun and delay were reported earlier by LCI television today. An EDF spokeswoman declined to comment.”882

30.9.10. UK renewable energy production falls for second time in 2010. DECC reports lower wind speeds and rainfall led to 12% drop between April and June.883

Prop 23 battle heats up in California as Schwarzenegger comes out fighting against oil companies. Guardian: “California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has come out fighting for his green legacy, going on the attack against the oil companies and rightwing groups bankrolling a campaign to suspend AB32, a landmark environmental law. Schwarzenegger, who is serving out his last weeks as governor, denounced a ballot initiative called proposition 23 that is seeking to roll back AB32 to reduce California's greenhouse gas emissions. He said it was a cynical move by Big Oil to protect its profits.”884

Free solar panels may not be the bargain that they appear to be, consumer champion concludes. Guardian: “Using figures from the Energy Saving Trust, Which? reveals that consumers could save as much as £10,500 over 25 years – depending on where in the UK they live – by taking out a loan to buy their own system. Even in the UK's sunniest region, the maximum consumers could save is £412 a year from their electricity bill, compared with the £1,313 that free solar panel companies such as British Gas and Isis Solar will collect from the feed-in tariffs (FITs), the government' incentive scheme that pays for small-scale renewable energy generation. … Most companies that Which? spoke to value the free systems at about £19,000 so the initial cost of installing panels could be off-putting. The best rate loans start at 7.8% over five years, but even with a higher-interest, longer-term loan, buying your own system is still likely to work out cheaper.”885

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