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βαθμολόγησης αποσπασμάτων της διδασκαλίας. Η έρευνα αυτή μπορεί να συνεισφέρει σημαντικά στο σχεδιασμό προγραμμάτων επιμόρφωσης εκπαιδευτικών ή αξιολόγησης νέων παιδαγωγικών μεθόδων.


The aim of this investigation is to develop a framework for assessing teaching approach in primary science. Teacher trainers and trainee teachers were asked to rate and comment on video-recordings of 6 different approaches to small group science teaching. The ratings exhibited a substantial and statistically significant degree of concordance. An analytic framework, based on a content analysis of judges’ comments, underpinned the development of a coding frame. This produced a ranking matched to that derived from empirical judgements. A larger sample of teaching episodes was then analysed using the coding frame. Two video sets were selected. The variability between the observed teaching episodes in one was selected to be low (based on our analysis), that in the second to be high. Each of the video sets was viewed by a group of trainee teachers, who then ranked them. Inter-rater agreement was significant for both sets, but far more marked for the set we had predicted would be highly differentiated. There was a near perfect fit between the rankings predicted and those found empirically. These findings indicate an impressive degree of convergence in judgements about the quality of teaching approach, and offer strong evidence for the validity and utility of the coding scheme for assessing small group science teaching.

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