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Project Group on Protection of Archives in the Event of Armed Conflict or Other Disasters

Project Group on Literature and Art Archives.

International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID)

FID Secretariat

PO Box 90402 - 2509 LK

The Hague

The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 70 314 0671

Fax: +31 70 314 0667

Email: fid@python.konbib.nl

Website: http://fid.conicyt.cl:8000/

Since 1895 FID Members, representing organisations and individuals in over 90 nations, have promoted best management practice of information as the critical resource for all society.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Case postale 56

CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland

Tel: +41 22 749 01 11

Fax: +44 22 733 34

Website: http://www.iso.ch

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from some 130 countries, one from each country.  The ISO promotes the development of standardisation in order to help facilitate the international exchange of goods and services as well as to help develop cooperation in intellectual, scientific, economic and technical activities.

The ISO has established many standards that affect records and archives work, particularly with regard to quality of microfilm, photographic equipment, paper quality and so on.  ISO standards are identified by the term ‘ISO’ and a number, such as ISO 9000, the standard for quality management and quality assurance, or the ISO 14000 series of standards for environmental management.  Of particular note is ISO/TC46/SC11: Information and Documentation: Archives and Records Management, which is drawing up an international standard for records management. Details of SC11 secretariat should be in ISO literature at www.iso.ch.

International Records Management Trust (IRMT)

12 John Street

London WC1N 2EB, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7831 4101

Fax: +44 (0) 20 7831 7404

Email:  info@irmt.org

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