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Section 3

Core Publications

This section identifies major English-language publications on records and archives management.  Entries in this listing are organised in alphabetical order by author, or by title if there is no author identified.  Comments have been included only if necessary to explain some aspect of the publication.  Those works marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended as part of a core library in records and archives management.  If publications are available electronically, the appropriate website has been identified.

Materials are only included if they are

still in print

internationally applicable

considered authoritative or standard works

represent value for money.

As a general rule, only monograph publications such as books or reports are included here, as well as key UNESCO RAMP (Records and Archives Management Programme) Studies.  References to articles or short readings are included in additional resources section of the relevant module.  Major publications of overall significance to all topics are included under the Principles and Context module.

Naturally, some publications might relate to more than one subject; in such instances the entry has usually been included under the most logical topic; in rare instances a publication is included twice.  Because many publications may relate to more than one module, users are encouraged to read all entries carefully to identify as much useful information as possible.  All publication information included here is repeated in the appropriate module, in order to ensure users who only have access to the module have complete reference information.

The section begins with references to valuable glossaries and bibliographies.  Following this are key works on records and archives management, organised by the topics addressed in the MPSR Study Programme modules.  If necessary, module topics have been subdivided into categories to address specific issues.

Additional Resources


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