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Part 3: Private Well Testing Act Education and Outreach

Communication Efforts

From the inception of the PWTA Program, the NJDEP recognized the importance of public education and outreach. The NJDEP was aware of the fact that the program would not only impact buyers, sellers, landlords and renters, but also would affect other professionals involved in real estate transactions including, but not limited to, municipal officials, health agencies, realtors, and certified laboratories. The PWTA program consequently developed and utilized several measures to educate these constituents and provide the necessary support to make the implementation process as straightforward as possible, and to lessen any burden incurred.

Two education initiatives were the development of a toll free hotline and the development of the Private Well Testing Act website (PWTA website) at

www.nj.gov/dep/pwta. The public information resource.

PWTA Website, since its inception, has been a popular The PWTA website includes a list of frequently asked

questions that address issues and concerns related Well Testing Act and implementing regulations. developed from commonly submitted questions to

to the requirements of the Private Frequently asked questions are the PWTA program and routinely

updated and posted. For the convenience box is available and is frequently utilized to by viewing the website.

of visitors to the PWTA ask questions that could

website, an e-mail not be ascertained

In addition, other PWTA educational and informational materials have been developed

and distributed to the public and targeted audiences. Program were developed and are available on the PWTA

Fact sheets

on the PWTA

website. Also,

a list of certified

laboratories is available. Two important publications communication efforts with New Jersey’s county and certified laboratories that perform PWTA testing, and

assist the PWTA Program in local health departments and are distributed on a periodic

basis.: Jersey

“Health Officer county and

Advisory Bulletin” was local health officials

established and distributed to of pertinent PWTA-related

inform issues

New and

“Laboratory Advisory Bulletin” was initiated to facilitate communication certified laboratories that offer PWTA-related laboratory services and with pertinent information regarding PWTA data management issues.

with New Jersey to provide them

Educational and Outreach Needs

While the PWTA program has made some significant efforts to explain the program and educate our constituents during the past years, there are still areas that must be addressed. These include the development of additional fact sheets for the public for specific drinking water contaminants (i.e., lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.). Additionally, PWTA sponsored training events to update targeted audiences such as realtors, buyers and sellers of real estate with private wells, real estate attorneys, certified laboratories and county and local health officials need to be scheduled. Coordination of efforts between NJDEP and other agencies will continue in order to assist our constituency,


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